How Far Should Furniture Be From Hot Water Baseboard Heaters

How Far Should Furniture Be From Hot Water Baseboard HeatersYou may have plans to purchase a hot water baseboard heater system for your home. To ensure it works to the optimum you need to know How far should furniture be from hot water baseboard heaters. It is important to arrange the desired furniture correctly to ensure avoid distraction.

The base heater is generally installed inside the living room to provide warmth to your family.

Usually, it is installed on any particular wall or more than a single wall. Hence, arranging furniture around the baseboard heater can be a challenging task for most homeowners.

With Some Ideas from The Experts, You Can Know How Far Should The Furniture Be from Hot Water Baseboard Heaters.

Room Centre:

While placing large furniture pieces, lay emphasis on your living room’s central portion. It is here that you should place your chairs, loveseats, sofa, armchairs, and coffee table.

This way, the baseboard will have ample space to spread its produced air around the room without any interruption. To increase floor comfort, you may consider using a rug underneath the coffee table.

Window Treatment:

Avoid using ceiling-to-floor styled traditional curtains. Rather, prefer short window dressing. Long curtains will only block heat flow while risking fire hazards. Use window blinds or roman shades.


They are best placed near windows, but not close to baseboard heaters. They can even be placed opposite the heater. Two chairs can be set near the window with a side table.


A baseboard heater when installed in your living room might become an eyesore. Hence, to distract the eyes, you will have to consider creating a focal point. For instance, display exotic art pieces by installing them on the selected focal wall. It can even be a family picture or painting.

Therefore, by understanding How far should furniture be from hot the water baseboard heaters, you can enjoy the warm air produced by them.

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