Best Water Heater Element for Hard Water Reviews

Best Water Heater Element for Hard Water

Introduction – Best Water Heater Element for Hard Water, Only the best hot water tank for hard water is robust and long-lasting enough to prevent limescale buildup in your hot water tank and other water devices.

No matter where you reside, you can be certain that this device will continue providing enough heated air for your home.

Hard water reduces a water heater’s performance and boosts its running expenses. A series of heaters at the base of a standard gas-powered water heater warms the water from the reservoir.

The ions in hard water can crystallize and create limescale on the base of your water heater’s container.

When you have hard water, the heater components might degrade over time.

This can result in searing temperatures and a rapidly dying heater. The appropriate water heating components, fortunately, can assist.

Why You Should Need the Perfect Water Heater Element for Hard Water?

Best Hard Water Heater Element

There are many reasons for which you need the water heater element for hard water. Following are some of the reasons:

The formation of the limescale in the water heater vessel.

When water includes a significant quantity of elements, particularly calcium and magnesium, it is referred to as “limescale.”

When a pot of boiling water leaves a powdery residue on the underside of the vessel, it is clear that the water is hard. Laboratory water quality can provide a more reliable estimate.

It May Be Difficult to Burn the Flame in the Water Heater.

A flame is lit underneath the tank in a gasoline hot water system. Mineral deposits form in the vessel’s bottom, leading it to overheat.

The silicate minerals are pulled up into the liquid by a quick bubbling action. This produces a rattling noise.

It Takes Too Much Time.

It takes a lot of time to boil the water when the vessel is covered by mineral deposits.

Product Reviews:

A) Best EcoSmart Replacement Part HE 90240

EcoSmart Replacement Part HE 90240

Has your water heater element broken out? During this time of the year, the water heater element has to work efficiently so that you can get a non-stop supply of hot water in your house.

This is the replacement for one of the heaters on your Ecosmart instantaneous hot water system that has burned out. Although this is used in a variety of models, some utilize an alternative heating element, so double-check first.

Key Features

  • Type your product model serial number to make sure this matches.
  • It is high compatibility with the Eco 18, Eco 24, and Eco 27
  • This is a 240V product.
  • Made of the best quality material

If you know the basics of the installation of replacement parts, you can finish the job in a single day. Just, go to Amazon, order it and receive it at your doorstep. Then, install it and get your EcoSmart water heater element working efficiently.

  • It offers efficient performance.
  • This is a long-lasting replacement part of the EcoSmart water heater system.
  • It saves you from buying a brand new water heater system.
  • It helps in generating hot water on-demand.
  • Some people may find it difficult to set up the product inside the water heater.

Are you wondering about the quality of the product? Look no more. EcoSmart is a brand name that is highly established and acknowledged.

You can opt for the EcoSmart confidently if it fits your water heater model number. This is indeed one of the best replacement parts for the mentioned model numbers.

B) Camco Best Quality Foldback Water Heater System

Life Foldback Water Heater Element

If the Camco water heater has broken out, you do not have to purchase a new water heater system. You can purchase the best quality replacement parts for the water heater system. This is an ultra-low density water heater system replacement part.

Key Features

  • A UL-Listed product
  • A Great Quality and Durable replacement part
  • A premium-quality heating element
  • Efficiently resists the dry firing
  • Fits a tank diameter of 15 inches

It works efficiently for an extended period during winter. It will not break out anytime soon. So, you do not have to purchase the new replacement part on cold bitter wintry days.

  • It is an extremely lightweight product.
  • You can fix the water heater easily.
  • It has a good warranty.
  • This is consists of the best quality material.
  • It resists against the limescale and other minerals formation.
  • It is a bit difficult to fix this replacement part in the water heater system.

You can also keep them in your storage area. When the water heater does not function efficiently, you can fix it by installing this best-quality replacement part.

C) Suburban Water Heating Element with the Gasket

Suburban 520900 Water Heater Element

This is another top-quality water heating element. This product is manufactured in China. The water heating element replacement part has been equipped with exceptional features.

It has an affordable and reliable body, which works efficiently for a longer time.

Key Features

  • Made of the stainless steel material
  • Manufactured by the top-quality Company
  • Is a universal fit water heating element
  • An extremely lightweight product

The product weighs only about 6.6 ounces. It means that it is a highly portable and extremely lightweight product.

If you travel a lot, you can keep a spare replacement part in your RV. This is how you can ensure a great vacation trip in the winters – no matter where you go.

  • It comes with a top-quality gasket.
  • It is available at affordable rates.
  • The water heating element offers a universal fit to the users.
  • It is a portable and travel-friendly product.
  • Some users may find it difficult to install the new water heating element.

The element works efficiently. It provides on-demand hot water at all sites. Whether you go camping or any other site, it is going to help you in all kinds of circumstances.

So, make sure to replace your older heating element with this advanced and high-quality water heating element.

D) Tune-Up Kit of the Best Quality Rheem Electric Water Heater

Rheem SP20060 Electric Water Heater

Do you want to be all ready for the winter? If you Rheem electric water heater, you should be aware of the best quality Rheem electric water heater.

It is a complete pack-up kit for the owners of the Rheem electric water heater. It has all the essential tools that help in tuning up the electric water heater.

Key Features

  • Consists of the top quality plastic and copper material
  • Highly reliable tune-up kit
  • Manufactured in highly renowned electric water heater
  • A lightweight product

This is a helpful kit that saves you from spending a huge chunk of money on the brand-new high-quality electric water heater.

It is an extremely lightweight, travel-friendly, and great-quality water heater.

  • It assists in increasing the operational efficiency of the water heater.
  • You can fix the broken water heater with this kit.
  • It saves you from boiling water traditionally.
  • It is a high-quality and durable product.
  • It may not be a fit replacement part for many other electric water heaters.

If you are a travel enthusiast, make sure to keep this in your vehicle. No matter where you go with your Rheem electric water heater, it will support you. It will increase the comfort of your days spent during vacations.

E) Best-Quality Rheem Water Heater Replacement Part 240-Volt

Rheem SP10869PH Screw-In 240-volt by 5500-watt Element

Experts advise using the best-quality water heater replacement parts for a Rheem water heater.

In case your Rheem water heater does not function properly, only opt for the Rheem replacement parts. It would produce the best outcome for your water heater.

Key Features

  • A screw-in replacement part
  • Ideally fits all Rheem water heater elements
  • Made of the top quality stainless steel material
  • A lightweight 15.2 ounces product

Once you install this new and advanced water heater system, it does not fail anytime soon. You can enjoy non-stop hot water in your house.

  • It has an uncomplicated installation process.
  • Do not overheat or cause any damage to the water heater elements.
  • It offers reliable performance.
  • This is fits well inside the water heaters.
  • It is only an ideal replacement part for the Rheem products.

It can also work well with other water heater systems in case the model number or other elements match. However, we recommend Rheem users use this best quality water heating element in water heaters.

F) Best-Quality EcoSmart HE 55220 Product

Ecosmart HE 55220 Heating Element

EcoSmart is a popular brand, which offers different types of products online. The users of EcoSmart are increasing day by day due to their amazing features.

The company is also offering the best-quality EcoSmart product replacement parts. So, customers do not have to spend on brand new water heater elements.

Key Features

  • Ideal for the Eco 6, Eco 11, and Eco Hou 8 water heater
  • Made of the durable and sturdy material
  • Is a 5.5 K.W. top-quality heating element
  • Suitable for the 220V

The replacement product is suitable for the suggested EcoSmart water heaters. It saves a lot of money on electricity bills. So, you should opt for the EcoSmart water heating element.

  • It helps in repairing the old water heater systems.
  • It is easy to use the best-quality water heating systems.
  • This is a beginner-friendly EcoSmart replacement part.
  • This is an affordable choice.
  • It is only a replacement part of the EcoSmart water heater system.

It is never too late to invest in your old water heater systems. Just invest in the right replacement part, and repair your broken water heater system.

G) Rheem Resistored Best-Quality Reliable and Efficient Water Heating

Rheem SP10552PH Resistored MWD

This is a great-quality water-heating replacement part of the Rheem brand. The Rheem is an internationally acknowledged product.

The international fame of the product makes it plausible to manufacture the best-quality Rheem water heating replacement part.

Key Features

  • Is a lightweight product
  • Offers reliable performance
  • Made of the top quality material
  • A branded and top quality manufacturer

It is easy to install this best-quality water heating element in your Rheem water heater system. You can easily read the instructions on the manual paper, and follow them.

  • The replacement part is solid and sturdy.
  • It is an easy-to-use product.
  • It will work well in different types of Rheem water heater products for different applications.
  • This is a long-lasting product.
  • It is quite an expensive replacement part of the Rheem water heater elements.

Now, you can order it online on Amazon sitting in the comfort of your house. It is a certified and tested product. So, make sure to shop for these products if your water heater is slowly breaking out.

How to Choose the Best Hard Water Heater Element

There are many options that you should consider while choosing the best water heater element for hard water. Following are some of the best points to consider:

Material of the Water Heater

First of all, you should check the material of the water heater element for the hard water. It should be strong enough to tolerate the buildup of the minerals.

The Minerals Buildup Technology

You should check the technology that helps you in getting rid of minerals deposit buildups. There are two types of technology, which include inhibition technology and minerals deposit reduction technology.


The water heater should also be energy-efficient. It will cost you less on the electricity bill.

Tank or Tankless

This is also an important feature to check for hard water. Depending on the storage area you have, you should decide about having either a tank or tankless water heater element.

Other Features

You should also get the information regarding other features such as flow of the rate, recovery rate, and the first-hour rating.

Buying Guide Of Best Hard Water Heater Element

If you understand what qualities to look for, selecting the finest water heater for hard water applications is simple.

Tankless or Tank Water Heater System

When purchasing a hot water system, the first thing to keep in mind is the kind. Would you need a portable water heater or a holding tank mechanism?

Tankless water heaters deliver heated air on-demand, allowing you to save effort and money. Water heaters with storage facilities take up more space. They are more difficult to set up than tankless water heaters.

A storage hot water tank may be a better solution than heating systems if you use at least 50 gallons of hot water at a time.

Gas or Electric

The source of power is also a major consideration. You should consider the charges of gas or electricity in your area. Then, finalize your decision.

Reduction or Inhibition Features

Tank or Tankless Water Heater Systems are equipped with either inhibition or reduction features. You should consider buying any of them depending upon your facility.

User Guide Of the Best Hard Water Heater Element

There are some parameters that you should follow for remaining safe and secure.

  • This manual’s cable and connector water heater (21/2 gallons types) must be connected. Only plug into a properly connected outlet.
  • Follow the installation guide for installing or locating this hot water system.
  • Use this same hot water system for the purposes specified in this handbook.
  • When utilized by youngsters, like with any device, strict monitoring is required.
  • With this hot water tank, never utilize an extensions cable set. If there isn’t a socket close enough to the hot water system, get a professional electrician to install one.
  • If the cable or plug is broken, if the hot water tank is not operating correctly, or if it has been broken or fallen, do not use it.
  • Only trained service professionals should repair this hot water system. For an evaluation, replacement, or modification, contact the appropriate authorized service center.

What Are The Different Water Heater Elements For Hard Water?

If you’ve discovered that your water heater elements are broken, you’ll need to replace them. Before you rush to the home improvement store or place an online purchase, there are some things to consider.

High-density water heater elements

This is a water heater element with a high density. The high-density kind is the cheapest solution and was most likely placed in your water heater when it was first built.

This kind is available with either a bolt or a flange attachment. Due to the enormous heat produced, highly dense components are the most vulnerable to corrosion and failures. Copper is used in this kind, and it may be zinc-coated.

Low-density water heater elements

Low-density water heater components are high-quality and extremely practical components of a hot water system. Copper with magnesium carbonate and silver plating is used to make the low-density form of the element.

This type of element has a larger heated surface area and is less likely to corrode.

The cost of low-density components is somewhat higher than that of densely packed components. This kind will be installed using a screw-type connection.

Ultra-low density water heater elements

ULWD stands for ‘Ultra Low Watt Density. The Ultra-Low Watt Density refers to the amount of heat generated per single centimeter along with the component (7.8W per square centimeter or 50W per square inch).

This drastically lowers the chances of the boiling wort burning or caramelizing.

This is the finest sort of component you can receive. Some of them are backed by a lifetime warranty.

They’re composed of steel material of the highest quality. They are less likely to accumulate toxins and do not burn out. These are also the most costly components.

A low-density element with a flange arrangement may be difficult to find and purchase for fixing your water heater element. To utilize a screw-in type on a grooved setup, you can buy an adaptor kit.

It’s all up to you. You should have no trouble getting either concentration for a screw-style component. Of course, low-density components are more expensive. Did you expect to receive more for less?

It’s not a huge difference. The difference is just a few bucks more for a superior one. Choose your density decision, and if necessary, consult a salesperson. After that, it’s time to put everything back again.

Why you should buy from amazon?

There are many reasons for which you should purchase from the Amazon website. Here are the points:


Amazon is a reliable website due to various reasons. It is an international website that is not going to run away with your funds. Only established and acknowledged businesses can trade on the website. No matter what you order on the Amazon website, you will get it in the best shape possible. So, Amazon is a highly reliable website.

Great Customer Support

Another top reason for buying from Amazon is that it has a great customer support service. The customer care providers ensure a smooth and fair transaction online.

Transparent Policy

Amazon has a transparent and fair transaction policy. There are no hidden charges.

Sales and Discounts

On every season, you will get sales online at Amazon. So, save money on different appliances and purchase the best quality products online on Amazon.

Faq/Question and Answer

Which is the most popular water heater for hard water?

Ans: EcoSmart offers the best quality, reliable, and affordable water heater for hard water. It is energy-efficient as well as environment-friendly, which makes it one of a kind water heater for hard water.

Would You Require Any Best Water Heater for the Hard Water?

Ans: The demand for a hard water model is characterized by the ‘hardness’ of the liquid flowing through your drainage system.

The US Geological Survey Team deems a fluid containing no more than mg magnesium, And calcium along with carbonate to be soft.’ CaCO3 levels between 61 and 120 mg/L are considered moderately hard.

Should You Use the Tankless Water Heater System?

Ans: No, you should not opt for a tankless hot water system with hard water. Limescale can develop in the pipelines and the exchangers of a tankless device if the fluid contains approximately 180 mg/L of CaCO3.

Limescale can impair the thermal performance of the tankless water heater element, needing more power to heat your extra water. It has the potential to raise your electric and gas cost.


With one difference, selecting the finest hot water system for hard water is identical to selecting any other residential water heater. It’s critical to seek factors that make the gadget more resilient to the creation of limescale.

If you wish to boost these elements’ ability to prevent limescale buildup, consider adding a mild detergent of softener or conditioner to your household drainage system.

It’s the most effective technique to deal with the impacts of hard water in your hot water system, pipelines, and other equipment.

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