How Long for Hot Water Heater to Heat After Reset

How long for hot water heater to heat after reset? From time to time, water heaters need a reset – which can lead to a delay in heating of the water within.

How Long for Hot Water Heater to Heat After ResetThe heating time tends to vary on the basis of the water heater that you possess, but generally, it takes a minimum of 20 minutes after a reset is done for the heating of water to happen.

Find out how long it takes for the water heater to get heated after it is reset.

Top Factors Affecting the Heating Time of a Hot Water Heater

How long for hot water heater to heat after reset? These are some of the most important factors which have a direct influence on the duration that a water heater takes to get heated up after being reset:

Size of the heater

It is common sense that the larger the size of the heater is, the more the amount of water that it can have and the longer it will take to get heated.

The more the quantity of water with the heater that has to be heated up the more the time that the heater will take to get one day after being reset.

Incoming Temperature

After being reset, the water temperature will determine the heating up time – whether it comes to a tank-style or tankless water heater.

The introduction of the incoming water is generally unlikely to have any big impact, although the water might take longer to get warmed in case of tankless water heaters – given that the temperature of groundwater is usually very cool.

First Hour Rating (FHR)

This describes the number of water gallons that can be supplied by the heater in one hour, starting with a full tank of heated water.

Generally the higher the FHR is, the less the time that will be taken by the heater to get the water heated up in the tank.

Maintenance / Age issues

The performance of a water heater will also be impacted if there is a lack of general maintenance and the water heater is too old.

Pipe Diameter and Length

The longer the piping is, the longer it will take for hot water to reach from the heater to the faucet. The diameter of the pipes can also have a similar influence on the heating time.


In a few cases, the calibration or settings need to be adjusted in a proper way; otherwise, the functionality could be impacted negatively.

Type of fuel (electric or gas)

The heating time is double in the case of electrical water heaters, as compared to gas hot water heaters. The latter can heat up water significantly faster because the burners can attain higher temperatures faster than electric water heater coils.

Gas Hot Water Heating Time after Reset

How long for hot water heater to heat after reset in case of gas heaters? On average, gas tank water heaters take around 30 to 40 minutes to heat water up after being reset.

But the duration could be a little less on the basis of the existing water temperature in the time.

Electric Hot Water Heating Time after Reset

Generally, these take about 60 to 80 minutes, which is the time needed to heat water up by gas-powered water heaters. These are cheaper but cannot match the superior performance of gas-powered counterparts.

Like gas-run water heaters, the heating time might slightly vary on the basis of the existing water temperature in the tank.

Tankless Hot Water Heater Heating Time After Reset

If the system is installed and properly, performs well, and is also of an appropriate size, the heating time should be only around 15 seconds.

The time could be a little more, but less than a minute, given that in bigger sized homes hot water has to travel through the pipes.

Solar Hot Water Heater Heating Time After Reset

This can take anywhere between 60 – 80 minutes to heat water up. The heating time actually depends on whether or not the sky is sunny or cloudy as well as on the presence or absence of a backup energy source.


So now that you have a proper idea about the heating time of different types of water heaters out there, make an informed choice to enjoy hot water during the colder months of the year.

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