How To Purify Well Water With Alum

How To Purify Well Water With Alum Tips

Alum is referred to as potassium aluminum sulfate. It is useful to purify water. Water purification is essential and so sanitation measure is a must to be taken.

Knowing how to purify well water with alum is helpful as it ascertains drinking water is safe and clean.

1) Pour eight-tenths of contaminated water into a gallon into the reaction vessel, a glass container.

2) Add to the contaminated water 1.4 ounces alum powder to the reaction vessel and stir carefully the mixture for five minutes at least using a stirring stick.

There will be sediment formation in the water as the phosphorous binds with alum powder.

3) Attach liquid storage container to hold the filtration apparatus to the purified water. You can also label the purified water by trapping the mixture of alum-phosphorous.

Things Required

  • Stir stick
  • Eight-tenths of a gallon of contaminated water
  • Filtration apparatus
  • Reaction vessel
  • 1.4 ounces alum powder
  • Liquid storage container


Alum serves to purify water from its phosphorous content. It is also best to sterilize the purified water before consumption.

Learning How to Purify Muddy Water means adding to the purified water a germ-killing agent. Thus, it ensures full disinfection.

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