How to Change Kenmore Elite Refrigerator Water Filter

How to Change Kenmore Elite Refrigerator Water Filter
How to Change Kenmore Elite Refrigerator Water Filter

How to change kenmore elite refrigerator water filter traps pollutants, dangerous contaminants, and particles from the city water sources. Kenmore elite refrigerator water filter removes cysts and lead.

They remove pharmaceuticals, volatile organic compounds, and pesticides. The water filter is near the floor on the front panel.

Pushing the release button releases the water filter. Knowing How to Change Filters on Kenmore Elite Refrigerator is helpful.

Why do You Need to Change Refrigerator Water Filter?

The refrigerator water filter needs to be changed once in 6 months. Leaving a water filter for more than 12 months is of no use.

The carbon filter cannot be used more than its capacity. The water becomes more harmful. If you do not change the refrigerator water filter regularly, it will have deposit buildup. It will cause scaling in the ice machine and water, damaging the refrigerator seriously.

The buildup pushes the system to work slowly, thereby causing low flow. The water flavor affects negatively. The water begins to flow slowly with clogging of the dirty filter and cuts off the ability of water to flow freely.

How To Replace a Kenmore Elite Refrigerator Water Filter

Kenmore elite refrigerator has a dispenser and ice maker as built-in. This feature is convenient, yet learning to Change the water filter on Kenmore Elite refrigerator is essential. It is a simple task as DIY.

Things you need- Refrigerator water filter, screwdriver, and bath towel.

Step 1: Eliminate The Old Cartridge

The water filter cartridge cap is below the freezer door in the front base. Rotate counterclockwise the cap and pull the filter cartridge and cap out.

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Some water may spill that is in the cartridge. Remove by sliding off the cartridge to the old cartridge end. Slide the cap, but do not discard it.

Step 2: Fit New Cartridge

Take out a new cartridge from its packaging. Remove o-rings from their protective cover. Slide to new cartridge the cap and push new filter cartridge inside the base grille. Rotate clockwise the cartridge cap to a horizontal position.

Step 3: Allow Water to Run Through The Dispenser

Allow water to run until it is clear. It will come clear after 6 minutes. The water will clean the system and the air pockets. There is a need for additional flushing.

Step 4: Know When to Replace

The refrigerator featuring indicator lights in the base grill has water filter light status at the refrigerator top compartment. It helps you know when to change the water filter cartridge.

It changes yellow from green and is ready for replacement. Turing yellow means it is time for a new filter installation.

Though you need not immediately consider installment. You can wait for the light to turn red or on noticing the decrease in the water flow.

Step 5: Changing Water Filter Cartridge

After changing, you may reset the status light of the water filter by holding and pressing for 2-5 seconds the RESET button. The status light changes from red to green while it is reset.

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