How to Replace Water Filter in Samsung Side By Side Refrigerator

How to Replace Water Filter in Samsung Side By Side Refrigerator
How to Replace Water Filter in Samsung Side By Side Refrigerator

How to Replace Water Filter in Samsung Side By Side Refrigerator? The Samsung side-by-side refrigerator has a water filter on the bottom drawer right-hand side in the fresh food side.

The Samsung refrigerators side by side features a water filter having a cartridge.

It is located in the upper right corner at the back of the fresh food compartment.

The built-in refrigerators featuring side-by-side have water filter cartridges located typically behind the access panel on the refrigerator doors.

Refrigerator filters water in three stages such that it traps dangerous contaminants, particles, and pollutants.

Why Do You Need to Reset Water Filter for Refrigerator?

The light for the reset filter is an indicator light telling you the air conditioner has a running time of 250 hours in accumulation. As the lights are on, it reminds filter cleaning.

Press the Reset Button to turn the LED light off and to restart the counter of run time. Cleaning the air filter allows LED light to illuminate for 250 hours.

The water filter in the fridge causes deposit and scaling buildup and reduces the system function. It becomes a must to know how to replace the water filters in Samsung side by side refrigerators.

How to Change Water Filter In Samsung Side By Side Refrigerator?

The water filter in the refrigerator has an icon that keeps you informed. With a new filter, the light shows from the filter as yellow, blue, green, or blue, as per the model.

The icon turns purple as it is time to change the filter. The icon, after 6 months turns red as you consider replacing it. The moment it turns red, there is a need to change it and to enjoy the water of high quality.

A) Turning off the water supply is the first step, to begin with how to replace the water filter in Samsung side by side refrigerator.

B) Dispense water until you ensure no water comes out from the dispenser any longer.

C) Change the filter counterclockwise as you pull it down or out and consider removing it.

D) Reinstall a new water filter. You can do it by pushing it into place and turning it clockwise. Ensure the icon lines lock up with filter housing.

E) Turn again the water supply back and dispense water. But, do not forget to reset the filter light. In this way, you can stay on the filter replacement schedule top.

After the water filter replacement, you may reset the water filter timer. It can be done by tapping the apps on the home screen, tap fridge manager, and the fridge settings. Tap Reset, tap water filter, and proceed.

The water filter times in the refrigerator will get reset. On tapping the icon of the water filter, you may buy a filter to buy a Samsung water filter.

Resetting of RF4289 and RSG309 Filter Light

  • Select the icon of settings at the display bottom and tap the water filter.
  • The menu of the water filter opens by tapping the Next three times in the bottom right corner on the Water filter menu.
  • Touch and hold Reset water filter in the display. The status of the water filter will change.
  • After the replacement of filter popping up, tap to save in the right corner bottom of their display.

Why do You Need to Use Samsung Water Filter?’

Samsung water filters take out 80% more contaminants than other label brands. You will enjoy cleaner and fresher water.

The Samsung refrigerator water filter is designed to let minerals freely flow through the filter and keeps the bad and unwanted ones out.

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The refrigerator water filters use only carbon blocks of high grade removing more than 99.999 percent. It helps in removing all the harmful contaminants that are present in the water.


The need to have a clean water filter is a must to get filtered, freshwater. The recommendation is to replace the once in six months the water filter. Thus, it helps to know how to replace the water filters in Samsung side by side refrigerator.

The light in the refrigerator’s water filter lets you know the completion of six months and if it should be reset. It is best to avoid third-party water filters, as they may damage and leak the refrigerator.

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